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Squamous Cell Cancer of head and neck

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Hello! First of all, excuse me for the grammar. I just wrote in Spanish and translate. Hope someone here can give me some advise. I will be very thankful 🥹.
My dad had a swollen node on the right side of his neck, which was operated on April 2022. When they did the biopsy, it came out to be positive, so they did a second surgery recently on June 9,2022 to clean the entire right area of ​​the neck that had the affected nodes(ganglion) don’t know if I am saying it correctly. . The biopsy this time turned out to be negative. Even so, the doctor recommend 33 radiation sections, one daily, leaving the weekend off. This is normal? Even though the biopsy was negative? How long should you start with the radiation after the surgery?The radiations must be without interruptions? That is, 33 continuously, just resting weekend? He lives in another country, but I want to bring him with me to the United States to do the radiation treatment here instead of our country.But I don't know right now how long he can go without starting his radiation treatment. And he can be here by the end of August after he gets his visa. I do not know what decision I should take .. someone who has experience in this. How long he can be fine before starting with radiotherapy?

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I was diagnosed with tonsil cancer 7 years ago and the treatment was surgery then wait 5 weeks till the 33 radiations and 3 chemo treatments. Mine unfortunately spread to my lungs and I have been fighting that ever since with various treatments. I wish you the best!

Hola @hei. Feel free to respond in Spanish. It will be automatically translated for English speakers and vice versa.

It is common to have radiation 5 days a week and weekends off. It sounds like radiation has been recommended to make sure to kill any invisible cancer cells that may not have been removed by surgery. The length of time between surgery and radiation may differ from patient to patient.

If you would like to request an appointment for your father, you can do it online using this form in Spanish https://onlineservices.mayoclinic.org/NewAppointments/?v=int

Here is additional information in Spanish about Mayo Clinic's International Services: https://www.mayoclinic.org/es-es/departments-centers/international

May I ask what country he lives in? How is he doing?