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Frustrated and still no diagnosis

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How about Lyme disease

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I’m flustrated, vexed, disappointed, outrage about my entire situation! Texas had the audacity to tried to kill, or demise my health totally; to get rid of vital evidence, DNA! However, TX didn’t have the courage, will power to admit they were wrong, and be held accountable for their actions!

My health crisis is so bad, out of hand! Texas is refusing to offer me the following: social, emotional, legal, and medical attention! I have reach out to the USA, with my concerns, situation; but the USA including the President has refused, wont reach out, help, support me at all! Thats for sure!

Since June 09, I had tried to get answers, properly diagnose, treated, told the truth, closure, justice, and recompense for; the unnecessary harm, mental anguish, emotional trauma, neglect, endangerment, and collateral, punitive damages! I’m still waiting for justice in my situation! For real!

Hi, severe anxiety and drepression can cause a lot of problems. Trust me I know! Since my little girl has been gone, I have had a “mild cardiac episode” more or less a mild heart attack that was completelystress induced. I also had the vertibrae in my neck and back dislocate because of the stress. Mental definitly has a direct connect with physical. However, when it gets to the point of unexplainable torment and misunderstanding; I would sit down and pray. My experiences with things are more extensive than what I protray. I do understand.

In my case it’s not like I’m not aware, or have some type of knowledge about what went down/happen! It just that the State of TX, Gov. Perry, The Criminals(Albertson’s, Dallas Housing Authority, and Doctors/Medical Professionals), Don’t Wants To Admit, Accept That a Crime Was Committed!

However, God Sits High and Looks Low, and Yet Sits On The Throne! He is All Knowing, Powerful, Wise, Lives Forevermore, Omniscient, Omnipotent, OmniPresent! What You Do, Did, or Done To The Least of The Brethrens/Littleones; God Said You’ve Did, Done the same got damn thing to Him!

How are things my dear? Hang in there you’re strong. Here if you need to chat.
Have a blessed night,