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I've always been a talker, a yakker, a gnatter. In the old days, I was told: "Children should be seen and not heard!"
Now I receive TMI,KISS, TL & my favorite: DNR…which I automatically equate to Do not resuscitate…lol
Yes, I know: too much information, keep it simple
s—– ugh! And too long.
Through my writings, I can monitor what's going on in my brain, from barely a whisper, through stream of consciousness, to clear and concise. My point is that there is always a message that I'm conveying. Its interpretation has so much to do with the interaction of my reader. Their interpretation. Their perception. What is their level of engagement??
Years ago, at a workshop called: Empowering the Rural Woman," Gloria Steinem was the keynote speaker…"in order to empower yourself, you must avoid toxic people. Surround yourself with nourishing people."
I find that within our little community: "Mayo Clinic Connect–Depression & Anxiety" I have encountered an abundance of nourishing individuals so eager to recognize and accentuate the positive attributes that others possess. Affirmation IS contagious.
I am continuing my Spravato treatments. I take the correct anti-depressant now. I am seeing my psychiatrist and therapists on a regular basis. My sleep has increased! Therapeutically speaking, I'm A-OK today. I have a problem with triggers…such as from those nasty messages that snipers fire on SM (not on MCC).
The most important facet of my "treatment plan" is the interaction among the dwellers of this little village. You contribute to my ability to thrive. You nourish my Body, Mind, & Spirit.
Anytime you want to crash my pity party, feel welcome ….and realize that "@everyone"–you are a remarkable crew– a team comprised of administrators, moderators, volunteers, and members. I feel safe.
Just like at the Oscar's…it's stereotypical…if I name names, I'll inadvertently forget someone. However– @acoblin I applaud your Bravery by making your first comment. I look forward to more. @clutch I appreciate the "incentive" I received from you–something short of a kick in the butt that got me out of my funk last year.
To Everyone: Know this– if my short term memory were better and if my cutting and pasting were more accurate, I would take the time to hunt and peck all of the handles that I have encountered since I joined this group. You deserve your recognition. You are Lilies of the Field.
Thank you.

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Replies to "I've always been a talker, a yakker, a gnatter. In the old days, I was told:..."

Good to hear from you again, @audriana. You inspire a lot of us on Connect. Keep your thoughts coming, we need them!

Words are powerful and can be therapeutic, healing. Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists all use them. Your use of the metaphor "lilies of the field" is a
well chosen one since it advises us to not worry over minor things. It is one of the mantras that help me get through the day. Now, I want to offer these words, my other mantras, to you. You're stronger than you think and more loved than you know. May these words help you as much as they have helped me.