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Need advice on multiple symptoms (*long post*)

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Has anyone had this experience or something similar?

Being awaken from a sleep after about an hour with:
Heart palpitations (feels rapid &/or irregular)
Feeling the need to get up and move around
Urge to have bowel movement (which usually does not happen)
A sense of impending doom
A feeling that “something’s not right”

Occasionally these “episodes” happen while awake also. And often times I can predict when they might happen because of already feeling ill with dizziness, palpitations, nausea &/or headache for hours or days before hand.

I have talked to my doctor who said it sounded like anxiety, but I think there is a physical cause as I always feel ill for a period of time before the episodes.

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A couple symptoms I missed in the list are
Feeling hot and cold at the same time, like when you have a high fever.
Thank you for reading.

Since you’ve discussed this with your doctor and didn’t find any underlying medical condition, this sounds like the classic symptoms of a panic attack. They’re horrible and it seems when you have one, the thought of possibly having more fuels the anxiety level, doesn’t it? I suffered from them too, about 40 years ago. I hated going to bed at night for fear of waking up with the symptoms. You’re right, it is a feeling of dread and doom!

I was able to get control of this through bio-feedback, which was a “newish” technique back then. Now it’s mainstream along with other mindfulness programs to help you get anxiety and the panic attacks under control.

Mindfulness therapy works. If I would feel an attack coming on, with the tools I learned on calming myself, I was able to ward off the attack. It’s a matter of realizing “I’ve been through this before and I didn’t die.” I learned that I have the ability to override my emotions and calm my mind and body down.

I’ve found several good articles for you this morning to help you understand you’re not alone in this. These articles discuss the symptoms and potential causes of panic attacks. The last article has some calming meditation techniques for calming.
Let me know what you think!