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Need advice on multiple symptoms (*long post*)

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The more I read about ME/CFS the more I am convinced this is what is affecting me.

I was reading about it on the CDC’s website. It can develop after an illness like mononucleosis. I can’t believe how many of the symptoms and the way the symptoms come about fit what I’ve experienced. Even when I read about ME/CFS in children/adolescents; this is exactly my experience. The article said that in adolescents dizziness, headaches and stomach issues are the most bothersome symptoms, whereas in adults it is usually fatigue, mental fog and various muscle pain.

This is EXACTLY what I’ve experienced.

But, I am still so very scared to even mention this to my doctor or my husband as I’m worried they don’t believe this is a “real” illness.

Is that stupid? How can I broach this with people who feel that way? Or, does it even matter?

Since there is no approved treatment nor a known cause, should I just educate myself and begin “treatment” as if I have this condition?

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@witsend000 – There are some great tools for the visit with your doctor that might be helpful for you.

Tools for the Visit – https://patientrevolution.org/visit-tools
Consider the Barriers – https://patientrevolution.org/barriers
Let's talk about $ – https://patientrevolution.org/cost

Have you seen the TED Talk by Jennifer Brea?
— What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose: https://www.ted.com/talks/jennifer_brea_what_happens_when_you_have_a_disease_doctors_can_t_diagnose

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