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TKR - Developed DVT in bed 21 days post

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I am sorry to hear what you are going through….I can not relate to the particular issues you are going through…. But I am going through issues since my tkr august of last year…..I sought second opinion when I could not get any range of motion I am at 70-75 now my dr also told me it was my fault i was not getting range of motion…..second opinion found my tkr slightly to big that I would never get more range no matter what I did……so I can relate to pain and staying in bed because to swollen to walk ….. now I can walk I stopped doing exercises to try to get bend that has helped so much with pain and swelling…..I go for revision surgery july 28 …. I am anxious about it but I know I am doing the right thing I can not function how I am going …..so you see some of us have issues but we push not physically but mentally through it…..so stay strong mentally ….I know it’s been 21 days but it will get better you are doing what you need to do …..not for nothing you have good flexion 90 that is great …. At rest just do whatever exercises you can do …. It will get better just need time to heal….

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I too had a to large implant and went thru revision surgery 4 months after TKR. My issue was when waking up from surgery I had a tremendous (scale of 10) unbearable pain in my lower back and TKR knee. This lasted for 5 days 24/7 with No relief being offered, in fact the surgeon didn’t even know I was still at the hospital!! Horrible neglect and care. That was in 2019 and to this day the pain is worse than before original TKR! Due to the extreme pain from pinched sciatica I could not do any rehab nor was it offered and I deviled scar tissue. My question is are you CB considering any legal action? Can anyone here advice me?