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Yes to bringing someone along. Even during Covid, I had to insist when my husband was ill so that we got answers when he wasn't able to follow the conversation.
As to asking the doc later, we routinely do this, especially when questions arise after lab results come in. Last week I contacted my primary because I having issues with bronchiectasis, which I thought was under control, but it flared a few days later.
Also, when I got blood test results, where they were sent to my primary & the cardiologist. Cardio recommended a path I didn't want to follow (my primary knew my wishes.) I sent a message to my primary to ask whether my decision was still a good one when the new lab results were considered.
Today, my husband sent a message to his primary, saying the previous meds stopped working, and he got a call to clarify the issue, then another telling him to go pick up a new prescription.
These are effective ways to get care without waiting weeks for a new appointment.