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Trigeminal Neuralgia & Covid-19 shots

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Been googling links between the Moderna shots and TN. Never had TN before, about 2 weeks after the 3rd Moderna shots, I started having severe headaches on the right side of the head (I already was on Gabapentin for nerve pain in my leg which might have delayed the debilitating head pains)

Went through several doctors, ER visits and diagnostics methods, only to end up with a diagnosis of TN, likely type 1 and 2 as there always is head pain 6/10 with episodes of 9/10. On Gabapentin (300mg) and Carbamezipine (800-1,000mg) which makes the pain manageable, but pain is now moving to the left side of the head as well.

Has anybody had TN which was caused by the vaccines?

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Yes, at the end of last year I had the Pfizer booster. I began having shooting pains in my left ear. A few weeks later I had pain spreading from my lleft ear to my eye, nose, and gums. It lasted all year. I saw several doctors, some said I had TN, others said they were baffled. I was worried about having a second booster but earlier this month I went ahead with the Moderna booster. A week later I have excruciating pain on the right side of my face. It began with a sharp, shooting, unbearable pain in my jaw. Now it is a steady ache from my right temple to my gums and jaw. I have been diagnosed with TN and put on Gabapentin a few days ago. Last night I finally slept through the night after another evening of severe pain.
Has anyone read the NIH article on this? This site won't allow me to include the link but you can google: ncbi nlm nih trigeminal neuralgia after covid booster
I am thinking of asking my doctor for this steroid treatment.