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Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD)

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Hello, I have fmd. I’m 50 yrs old and had an aortic dissection in nov 2015. Then aug 2016 had a stroke. I’m kind of confused with all that’s happening to me. I don’t know what’s happening actually. I was perfectly healthy now not so much, i go from Dr to Dr and it’s annoying. Any advice?

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@sylviam, thank you so much for reaching out to Mayo Clinic Connect, I have so much I would like to share with you about FMD, I have been diagnosed for over a decade and have learned a lot in that time. My son just graduated tonight, so I am a bit tired to go into great detail, and I want to give this post the time it deserves, so please forgive me, but I would like to answer when I have more time, so I can focus on giving you the best advice I have to offer. I hope you forgive me for being brief tonight. Just quickly, I have widespread FMD with brain aneurysms and avm, I also had open MALS surgery twice. And ehlers-Danlos syndrome, it sounds like a lot, but for some of us there is a connection. Have you been checked for EDS? Or any other connective tissue disease on top of the FMD? Would like to hear more about your symptoms. I will try and give a better picture of FMD tomorrow! Remind me if I forget!!! Thank you again for posting!

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