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Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD)

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Nobody at Mayo told me about any weight limit. When I say “very heavy” I mean anything over 40 pounds. Pretty sure when I travel my suitcase weighs about that much. LOL. I never have been one to pack light. I haven’t been packing boxes though so they are super heavy. I just try to use smaller boxes, but I am an book nerd, so that means lots of boxes of books!

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My weight limit came from Dr. Nazili McDonnell, she is a geneticist that did research on FMD and The overlap of connective tissue disease, ehlers-Danlos. She was an amazing researcher at The National Institute of Health, some of her work was published before the unfortunately closed the study. Each person is different, but with my carotid disease, brain aneurysm and AVM, I am a bit cautious. Doe you have any brain aneurysms? You may have told me but I forget, have you been checked?

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