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Sounds like a gut problem!! Is she constipated?

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what would constipation have to do with acne?

when I was about 16 I had a problem with acne. It just went into scarring on my face. Several courses of antibiotics cleared this up for me. Also an appt with a dermatologist may help, my niece has had a lot of problems and this has helped her alot and the dermetalogist has the skin problem now quite manageable. Take care Piglit

Yes, I would like to know about the correlation

I’m not sure what the correlation would be unless it’s just a build up of toxins in the body? She hasn’t really said yet….

It’s not as bad as it was, but she had seen a dermatologist and had done the whole antibiotic, skin care, topical antibiotic and finally accutane. It all helped a little but it didn’t clear it up completely. Birth control has helped the most I think. It’s just amazing to me that it is such a problem with so many kids and no one really knows how to get rid of it for good. I guess that’s why medicine is called a “practice”.

Hi it usually will clear up as alot of acne problems are related to hormonal issues Take care Piglit

Guts have everything to do with acne just ask anyone with crohns or colitis. Google gut brain and skin connection. I think the guys name is keeler but not real sure I’m having similar probs. dr prescribed tortua or something that sounds close to that. Didn’t really help me and now I am trying aloe Vera and vitamin e. best of luck finding something that works

It’s Chris kresser

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