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I feel like I'm dying

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Hello @hanark0068

I see that this is your first post with Mayo Connect and I'd like to welcome you. You certainly have some distressing symptoms and I can understand your concerns.

If you are comfortable sharing more, please share the following: What type of specialists have you seen? What sort of tests have you had for the digestive disorders (Endoscopy, etc.) Have any treatments been offered? Have you considered a second opinion from a large medical research center like a Mayo facility (Mayo has clinics in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona) or other medical schools?

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I have had three upper endoscopy and four colonoscopy. No treatment has been offered. I think it's time I go to a place like the Mayo Clinic for real diagnosis. Thank you for the welcome. I appreciate your help and interest in my medical problems.

Hi, @hanark0068 – glad that members here have been helpful. If you do decide to go to Mayo Clinic for an opinion, this link will take you to a page where you can make an appointment online or by phone, mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Okay, Thank you Lisa.

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