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Is it colitis or IBS?

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Could it be that you have H pylori ? A stomach virus, urine and stool test will tell. Also Celiac Disease, which is a gluten sensitivty. Stop eating anything that has wheat, rye or barley in it. Go on the gluten free diet you will feel 100% better. Alot of people have this disease or sensitivity and don’t know it. The doctors miss diagniose it. You will get acid reflux, constipation, then diareah, stomach cramps and gas pains, bloating of your stomach. If left not dealt with properly it can lead to stomach cancer or esophegal cancer. Also the problems of the colen with the constant diareah and constipation back and forth.
This disease is something you have since birth. It stops your small intestine from absorbing vitamines and minerals from the foods you eat. So therefore your body over the years, becomes run down and susepatible to many negative possibilites. This is a heredirtary disease, so some one or maybe everyone in your imediate family has it to. It does effect everyone differently because therefore we all have different boddies.
The diet is easy, don’t eat any breads or cereals unless they are labeled gluten free. No processed foods, just fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy. There is a very large choice in the markets now for gluten free items, such as postas, breads, cookies, cakes, etc. I hope your problem is as easy as this fix.

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Hi Chris,
Thank you so much for your response. I have not eaten anything but white carbs, bananas, activa yougart and gateraide the last 6 months. I found that my all foods my body could tolerate 10-1-2011; has never been tolerated again after 10-2-2011, just one day later my life was filped around. They have tested me for Celiac Disease; heavy metal poisonings, parasites, autoimmune problems, I have had ct scans, MRI’s, Colonoscopy’s, Endoscopes, Ultrascans and at least 15+ times of multiple blood test and at least 4 thorough stool samples to turn in after collected over days. My friend told me to get copies of all medical records; since I have been seeing so many specialist.

The most recent discovery was from myself, after viewing all copies of my lab reports and medical records. I found I have multiple ovarian cyst and they have only grown larger on the CT scans and ultrasounds. I brougt it to the attention of my OB/Gyn 3 months ago and she seemed unconcerned until my last ultrasound showed a growing large Complex Ovarian cyst on my right; which contains solids and liquids. I find it ironic how the symptoms are so simuliar to aalmost ALL of symtoms; including fever, fatique, blood loss, abdominal pain, low blood pressure, irregular female cycle, bloating, gas and these types of cyst cause problems with the surrounding organs; which happens to be located next to my right large intestine that keeps getting abcessed.

The plan is to remove my gallbladder and do some exploratory surgery on my pelvic region using the robot. I pray whatever switch was turned on 10/2/2011 to make my healthy body fall apart and continue deteriorating the last 6 months finally is turned off, so I can get back to living and quite missing out on life.
Moral: Get copies of all your lab results and medical records for your own clairification.

God Bless,

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