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Chronic vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain in kids

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my daughter Ashley (age 16) had similar issues starting 3+ years ago. She was finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis a year ago. Check out


for more information. Also, you can read my daughter’s story at:


Also there is an excellent you tube video created by a young lady with Gastroparesis to raise awareness about this rare disease. You can check it out at-

Hope this helps and that you can get some answers for your daughter…

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thank you so much for telling me about Ashley! I get her updates by email and pray for her all the time. she is such a brave and amazing girl and I ask people at my church to pray for her. I have never met her but she is my heroine!

I am happy to report that my daughter is 100% better–we don’t know why, but she is eating again and gaining weight after a 7-month illness. She still has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), which we think was caused by the same virus that attacked her digestive nervous system and made her so ill for so long. She also had C. difficile along the way, which was AWFUL. We don’t know why she got better but think that taking her off food and nourishing her by feed tube (NJ) helped her nervous system reroute or calm down or whatever happened. She slowly learned to eat again and now can eat anything. She takes neurontin (gabapentin) for the pain, which is gone, so we’re down to just minimal maintenance dose), and salt tabs (1 g twice a day) and fludrocortisone (0.1 mg/day) to keep her blood pressure up, which fights the dizziness and nausea that POTS causes. She does great if she doesn’t miss a dose. We think she’ll outgrow the POTS by her 20s, so we are happy. I will repost if anything changes, but please know we keep Ashley in our prayers always. You are an awesome mom!!!!

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