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I also got Fibromyalgia after having( Ovarian) surgery 1981. I’ve been living with this for what seems to be a lifetime. I maintain a high protein low carb diet which is the only diet that helps reduce(not take away) the pain, fatigue, and cognitive brain fogginess. I cut down to part time work as full time was way to hard on me. I have IBS,irritable bladder,TMJ,Migraine variant(manifests as numbness, parethesia(pins and needles) mild chronic headaches,extreme fatigue,classic flu like aches and pains(intensifies with being touched)and cognitive deficits(unable to find words,finish thoughts and sentences, loosing things constantly and so on. I take Amantidine 100mg twice daily for the fatigue, tylenol for pain as needed, Vitamins C, D3, Calcium, Fish oil, and Multivitamin daily. I have Valuim that I can take during major flares which helps with muscle pain and to relax and get rest. Major flares occur when I have additional stressors in my life, weather changes,working extra, or being ill with colds etc. I wish all of you better days ahead 🙂 Gentle hugs to all!!!!!! I recommend joining Fibromyalgia sites on Facebook as it has helped me by knowing there are others with same symptoms and struggles and support is given.

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I really can relate to your problems and hope you are feeling better. I have not been on this site for a while, but all the symptoms you describe are exacly as mine. IBS, FIBRO,TMJ,MIGRAINE, .Ive been told by a dr that the ibs and fibromyalgia go hand in hand. When I have bad episodes they are exactly as you describe I feel like I cannot get out of bed, but strangely enough for me if I move bout, take a real hot bath and a muscle relaxant, it starts to ease up. Drs want to put me on antidepressants and Im reluctant to do so and I trly to avoid hard core pain meds, vicodin very rarely. I do feel that the fibro has some relation to your stress level and that it reacts to temperature changes (warmer being best) Thank God in that respect I live in Calif and I suffer more in winter. I will consider the suggestion on the lady whomentioned a hot tub because for me water exercise did help.
I hope that all these comments can bring more awareness and research on this disease that is so debilitating. Godd luck to all of you

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