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I believe any shock to the autoimmune system can trigger fibro, either a mental or physical shock, My fibro began after a bad fall and the shattering of a foot. I was finally diagnosed at the Univery of Washington Hospital in Seattle. At that time I had all 18 trigger points. Much more than these 18 achy points have happened to me in the last 18 or so years since being diagnosed. I spent almost 4 weeks in bed because my left side rib area felt like it had been kicked by a mule. I thought I had broken ribs, yet nothing had happened. Lots of tests were run, including heat tests, Recently the skin on the top of both my hands burns like they are been held in scalding hot water for way to long, They burn bad, This has happened with my feet as well. Does not hurt to use them, however, It is just the nerve ending in the skin, I have talked wsith people who have fibro this has happened to only in different parts of the body, Fibro is a bad connection between the brain and the nerves, therefore many situations will come along that make no since to us. We just need to all log what we feel so they have something printed up they can use to figure this crazy disease out! I and now 67 and have had the condition for 20 years and it only becomes worse, I moved from Washington State to the deserts of Arixona for more warnth which helps me. I take sleeping pills in order to sleep but still never feel rested enough. Lyrica did not work for me. I am taking low dose of cymbalta. The med that hepens me deal with most of my pain is vicodin. It releives my pain long enough for me to have 3 or 4 good hours a day to get the things I must do done, I spend days, sometimes weeks, getting nothing done and being depressed. BTW I receiced my early medical retirement and Social Suriety shortly after I had to quit working. Does my story compare to any others> Is there a clinic we can go to for more news of Fibromyalgia? I am interested in trying anything, Good louck to you all………………….hugs, Caren

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I also have the burning sensation in my hands and feet. I just told my husband yesterday I felt like they were on fire. I have had it now for 21 years and it has destroyed my life basically. I can no longer work, limited house work and NO Drs. will give me pain meds. I can’t believe how everyone can get it. I have asked and tried for 15 years and nobody will give me anything!