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Julie Chitwood (@billchitwood)

Spouse with cognitive problems and finances

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Hi @janet7, I'm glad that you can connect here with Julie aka @billchitwood, @tsc @rgalitis @teacher502 and others.

I completely understand the feeling of what you said, "Fear of the unknown is starting to weigh on me so I must live just for today, and it’s a struggle." It is so important to live each day and hour as it comes, but also not losing yourself or your health.

Feeling more confident in your decisions is not easy when caring for someone with dementia. What seems like an absolute necessity one day may turn on a dime the next to be a non-issue. You can't help but doubt your assessment of the situation with these fluctuations. I'll be interested in hearing from others about how they learned to accept the future and trust their decisions and where they found support to make and uphold them.

So, let's start with one day at a time. How are you doing today, Janet?

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Hi Coleen, I’m feeling better today knowing that I am no longer alone,
thank you.

So agree. We just put our house on the market and will be living with our daughter. Yesterday Bill looked like he was going to collapse yet as soon as the realtor arrived he perked right up and was better walking, etc. I'm looking at him, thinking, 'is this the same Bill as a half hour ago?' – as soon as she left he was back in his exhausted state again. Sometimes I think I'm doing to much for him – but then he couldn't figure out how to use the phone – so backwards again. He was managing to finally connect – only problem it wasn't our son, it was an emergency number! No idea how he managed that. Just the day before our 16 month great grandson managed to dial 911 on his Mom's phone – she went looking for a way to child proof her phone. I think I need to child proof Bill's phone lol.