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Cricoid Chondrosarcoma

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Hi Deb and @jeffk, I've been thinking about you often and hoping all is well with you. It's been 2 years since the Gore-Tex implant to prop up my paralyzed vocal cord. About 10 months ago, I had another surgery, this time to take lipids from my abdomen and inject them into my vocal cord to plump it up and make better contact with the other one. It made my voice less raspy and gave me a little more volume. The benefits are expected to fade over time. On a good day, my singing range is half an octave in the baritone range, but I played my clarinet with the alumni band at a football game last fall, and it felt exactly like normal (even while marching). Good to have some endurance back. Continuing to be grateful for you and your inspiration! Take care. -Julie

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That is wonderful! Continued good health to you, Julie.

Julie, thank you for sharing yet another successful leg of your journey. I am so happy that all of the prayers that everyone has said for you are being answered. As a runner, with comprised breathing because of my paralyzed vocal cord I have huge admiration for you being able to play the clarinet while marching. God bless and God speed!