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Mask guidance when visiting Mayo Clinic

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I was not saying I disagree with everyone who doesn’t wear a mask. Hospitals have to be extra cautious however because people are there because they have health issues. I am not saying regulations need to be the same at for example grocery stores. But when you are visiting somewhere like mayo it is because there is a medical problem- so it is MY OPINION that if they feel extra precautions should be taken then that is fine with me. I was not trying to argue or be difficult- merely discuss. Sorry if my statements came across the wrong way- was not my intention. I as much as anyone am tired of Covid- trust me.

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Sure, thanks so much for your comment. I guess I would like to add to the conversation a bit. There are a number of people that can't wear masks because of medical reasons and/or reasons of conscience. I know one young lady with a severe chronic disease who has been unable to receive care. For her masks are a life and death issue. Because of the mask policy at Mayo and other places she is dying. I think sometimes people like this are forgotten. Myself, I am not "tired of covid," for me personally that is not what it's about. I am very concerned though for those who have been neglected and are suffering because of it. God bless, please let me assure you I took no offense whatsoever.

@jeanern01 Medical facilities including hospitals and medical offices have the added burden to provide as much protection to vulnerable patients/visitors/people as they can. Like so many here on Mayo Clinic Connect, I fall into that "vulnerable" group, and appreciate what is done to urge protection for everyone. And like so many here, I am tired of Covid, but more scared what might happen to me if I get exposed and fall victim to it, even with my vaccinations and booster!

What is tough is all we see (members, mentors, moderators, and general readers alike) is words on a page. We cannot hear the inflection in words, nor see another person's facial expression, to "get" the full meaning of those words! It is a true enough negative when it comes to reading posts here. I have learned to read with a blank slate in my mind, and try to see how someone else might have sounded like or expressed in facial movements, plus their words. In the end, we are communicating, and that is always good, don't you think?

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