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Mask guidance when visiting Mayo Clinic

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I am a medical researcher, and was involved in mask recommendations way back when the AIDS conditions came up. We did extensive testing, an we know that properly worn masks will reduce transmission of fluid and air borne infections.
One of the aspects of mask wearing is that the person, who wears a mask, cannot contaminate the air when sneezing, coughing or speaking, because the saliva droplets emitted will be caught by the mask, and not emitted into the air.
During medical procedures, we wear a mask to protect the patient, and not to protect us from the patient, and because of this masks that individuals wear are there to protect others, not the individuals.
All those studies are flawed (who paid for them??????), and looked at the aspects of the mask wearer and not at the protection others receive from the mask that others wear!

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Have you read DANmask and Bangladesh. I have. Both studies fail to show masks to be effective. DANmask and Bangladesh show that they are not effective at stopping infection. This is particularly seen with reference to cloth masks. Bangladesh showed that people over age 50 have an 11% benefit but this result (according to the researchers) was confounded by the test limitations (self-reporting, the way the trial was promoted etc.).. We also know that over 14 randomized control trials fail to show masks to be effective at stopping either spread or infection (Aiello, 2010, Aiello, 2012, Barasheed, 2014, Cowling, 2008, Larson 2010 etc. etc.) Moreover, viruses are airborne so the particulates waft through the air via Brownian motion. The particulates caught by the mask eventually dry and fall and waft. Masks only stop bits of lunch from the surgeon from falling into an open wound. As you know doctors and nurses do not regularly wear masks and in fact, Canadian nurses sued (pre-covid) and won the right to not wear masks. They proved their case to the satisfaction of the courts. Here's my point: the data is just not there to support masks and the sooner we recognize that mask are talismans and investigate why we bought into them, the better. The truth sets us free. And we need truth very much right now. Truth and wisdom.

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