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Please help: Palpitations, panic attacks

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I don’t have panic attacks but have suffered from anxiety and depression at different times. I have found it very helpful to see a doctor of medicine (preferably a psychiatrist) who was able to treat my symptoms with medication. I sometimes still have anxiety but I think it is normal under the circumstances (for example, before an exam at school or in a traffic jam when I am late for an appointment). It is also helpful to obtain counseling in the form of ‘talk therapy’ with a professional psychologist or licensed counselor. They are trained to listen (you’ll never find a better listener!) well and then to help you to realize that there may be choices you have made that may be contributing to your anxiety (such as making appoiintments near rush hour, etc.). Sometimes we all just need someone else that is objective and unbiased to listen to our concerns and help us to sort out issues that need to be addressed in order for us to not feel so anxious or depressed, etc. Negative emotions and feelings are real and I believe they are signs to us that we need to take action in order to protect our own mental health. Take care of yourself first and then you can care for others! Happy holidays, I do hope you feel better soon.

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I completely understand what you are feeling. I went through all of that too. A new symptom for me is palpitations.

I get the palpitations as well.
It’s probably the one symptom that bothers me the most.
Some days are worse than others.

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