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Stigma & Mental Illness

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I was told by a friend that I am allowing the enemy to win. She told me that I should not own other peoples issues. I have known this for some time but for some reason when she called me and said it for the 100th time I thought about long and hard and she’s right.
She said some people are good and some could not begin to show another human being any type of empathy because they are cold and in denial of how horrible they feel about themselves.
Another friend who runs a drug abuse program wrote me and said “Girl, don’t you know racism, differential treatment and stigma never went away”? This pill was hard to swallow but I can understand what she means.
I don’t like seeing people as enemies, except for 1 person, but the truth is we all have to continually protect ourselves because we just don’t know others intentions until proven otherwise.
Then, Delia, spoke about forgiveness and letting go and she is so on point with her insight and advice. I need to let go and stay away from people that do not uplift my spirit even if it means that down the road I make some profound changes.
All said, no matter how good you try to be to others there will always be at least one person who will take out their unhappiness on others.
I have had my share of pain and unhappiness, so this is not an excuse for the behavior, but perhaps I need to have more empathy even for those that trespass because there has to be something really going on with a person who intentionally hurts others.
Here’s to learning how to let go, move forth and praying for those with more internal pain than I have.

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Peoplr always have opinions about what you should do. Looking at a situation like yours is not about winning. Do what you need and follow your heart.
you at not in a contest and moreover not a loser.

Amen! Thanks

Oh girl, thankyou for the important insight! I too tend to want to solve everyone’s sadness and make a difference. It’s one reason I wanted my whole life to be a nurse. This past year has been so hard. being thrown out of college because I was having treatments three times a week at that time. My Mom had passed on a couple months earlier, and I was pretty out of it. People looked at me like I was the worst mother and person they’d ever met. I was so angry at that time at those people. My pastor told me that though it was tough, I should try to remember that those people didn’t know me or my story, and that I should try to forgive and keep in mind that God knew my situation and so did my mom. That was hard to take, but he was right, I guess. It’s still hard to take , more sometimes than others. Anyway, I do still try to help others whenever I can. My best wishes to you, and my best prayers to all my friends here. Love Lisa4

You can always go back to school but taking care of yourself first is very important. Schools do have departments with ADA accommodationd but you need to be in a better place
Don’t worry dear you’ll get there. I graduated with a master’s in my 40’s so it’s never to late to accomplish our goals.
It’s ok to put yourself first.
Sincerely your friend,

It’s hard to go against a lifetime of being taught that I don’t matter in a sea of take care of everyone first. I am trying to learn. I am trying so hard just to get from day to day without giving up. I am so tired of trying. Thank you for just being my friend. That is also something I’ve hardly ever had. Sorry, I’m just so down right now. Lisa4

Hi lisa. It is hard at times sometimes days are harder than others, I know that you are tired, but I am so very proud of you for being so strong. You do matter to me and others in our community and have become our dear fried. Just remember Sweetie, that tommorrow is always another day. Just keep on looking at your beautiful daffodils and tulips. Imagine beautiful butterflies dancing through them and you we become uplifted. God bless Big hug Always here for you Piglit

Thank you Piglit! I appreciate your visual of the daffies and tulips with the butterflies. It does make me feel a bit better picturing that. This week has been a real bad one and I admit that sometimes I really want to just end this struggle. My kids and my great hubby are all that keep me going- and now my new friends here. I hope that you are doing well and that you are enjoying your own daffies and tulips. Take care hon and thanks again! Love and hugs from Lisa4!

I’m always here for you Lisa as are your other friends. Glad that I helped to make you feel a little better. I always find that if you can focus on something lovely it helps.Stay strong my sweet, you are doing so well and I’m so proud of you . You take care too Will talk soon Love and hugs back Piglitx0

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