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How do I get some sleep?

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I’ve taken Ambien for sleep and it really works great! As far as the pain…..I have it, too….and cannot find the perfect remedy. I’m on Ultram right now, hopeing that in a week or so, the pain will ease.

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They have me on Gabapentin,Pramipexole, nightly for the rls and then Methocarbamol and trazadon as needed for pain and sleep. But I fear I’ve been on them so long that they just don’t seem to work anymore. I know it’s all tied to an underlying cause, I just wish I had a clue as to what it could be.

Hi S, it,s david again. I just read the replys to your posting and they know what they are talking about. The Gabapentin,pramipexole. was a joke to my RLS and the trazadone is a heavy hitter and help only for a while. The side effects were worse than the RLS and if interested, I,ll tell you about them.. Please be careful with it. It can harm you. and maybe make you even more depressed at tjhe very least. I flushed mine with good reason. Thanks for listening and reply with update if you can. GOD BLESS U and all of us with this RLS CURSE..

Do tell. I’m very interested in what you’ve learned. I know about the trazadone and only take it when I’m desperate for sleep. But then it dosen’t work. How can they harm me? I’ve been on them for almost two years now and have been noticing personality changes. Could that be why? If so, what can I do? The requip don’t work no more.

Hi S, I scrolled down too late after my other reply to u. Man, I’m computer clunmsy so please be patient. Here goes……. That is great news about only taking tjhe Trazadone occasionally. I hate that crap. Please read about it online. Of course everyone reacts differently but that stuff even made my teeth hurt. It did work for about 2 montjhs and slept great. then nothing after taking the max {3}. My wife has said the same as you about the personality changes and the spouses really suffer also from this stuff…….My dear Suhcuddo,…………….lack of sleep, arthritis in the neck, and nasal issues have your plate pretty full. Sure we have personality changes and God knows what else……..maybe because we don’t get to be “normal” with RLS………….. NORMAL ain”t been around for AWHILE ,,,,,, BUT. we can hope, we can talk, we can cry, we can laugh, we can do so much {we just can’t sleep}{just kiddin}, no really,,,,we are going to be alright. Our perspectives change alot with these ailments but it WILL NOT WIN. You, me and the rest of the 10% ers will have our say about tjhis crap and maybe someone with the resources to help us will do so. That’s not a pep talk, only anger and determination built-iup overabout 38yrs of experience with this. I will share more as soon as I can. May the powers-that-be bless ya and keep you strong…later!!

I’m really new at this too. My sister gave me this so we can e-mail each other (she’s allergic to the phone) Yea the
trazadone for me only works for 1or2 nights so there’s really no point in taking it. I took the liberty of sending you a friend request I’m not sure how that works, you’ll be my first. but I guess we can find out. Do you have trouble w/ cramping? Since I’ve been on the gabapetin and the pramipexole my rls is better but I’ve been getting real bad cramps mostly in the arch of my feet and calfs. I looked up the foundation and noticed they have a chat room too. Have you been there yet? I was wondering what it was like. I guess we just have to make our own normal. It just would be nice to get some zs.

Hey S…….. I keep making the same mistake. I don’t scroll down far enough to see all of your notes. I’m obviously no cyber geek. Gottcha about the Trazadone. It never cpamped me but I lost 50to80% joint flexibility. That coupled with aching teeth, and forgive me but the nitetime urinations were reeeealllly anoying. I was told that they put a diuretric{spelling} in it. That’s so special………..chems. to make u sleep and chems to make u P. Great!!!!!!! Let’s all just wet the bed and be done with it. Pharmas are jerks……..Really, Really Rich jerks. I dont know for sure but the cramps that you mentioned may well be side issues of the drug. Try to trace it back to when u first noticed them. I don’t know about the friend request yet cause I was anxious to reply to u. I did notice sometjhing new in Email so I’ll go check and let u know……. To answer your Question, no.. I have not been on the RLS chat room yet. Don’t even know why,,,,,,, . I’m learning lots from you. though so hats off to Super Suhcuddo. Just kiddn’.. talk to u later

Dear S, I had a thought about your severe neck pain {whiplash}. It stands to reason that there would be inflamation in the area which, to my ignorant viewpoint, would show up as arthritis on tests. would not they look similar????? If you had no neck problems b4 the mva, then it stands to reason that it is mainly inflammed. why can’t the Dr. look into or recommend the steroid injections.{three-in-a- series of cortisone or whatever it is. Please resppond cause this is really bugging me now.

I pulled your boo boo, and didn’t scroll, I have no clue why they think it’s arthritis, As my doc put it, I have entered that elite age group. As for the shots…well…I haven’t asked. I’m scared of needles. and as for the cramps,I’ve actually suffered from them all my life. They got really bad after my final growth spurt. I went from 4’9″ to 5′ in about 2-3 month period. That’s an inch a month. The most painful summer of my life. (I was 16) but I am thankful for the extra 3″. I might ask tomorrow, that’s when I see my doc. I really have to thank you. You’ve opened up my eye’s to a lot of things I wouldn’t have put together. Like the side effects. I woulda just kept goin’ on thinkin’ I was just crazy. I see him at 11, It’s like thirty miles of traffic so it’ll be around 3 or four before I get back here. But I will let you know what he says. Especailly if it has to do w/ the RLS meds I’m on . I’m doin’ some stuff w/ my new toy here(I got a printer/scanner ). so I’ll check back later 🙂

Wow Kiddo, youmade my day. your last note was very moving to me. I have to thank u also. You really are helping me too. It is very satisfying to be able to share from all this suffering and experiences that us folks are going through. The spouses see it and they can be so wonderful, but for someone who has the same miserable sensations in their body is able to relate so uniquely. My wife has witnessed me twitch, spaz, contort, twist and turn, That is so damn embarassing to male or female, She has watched me weep like a little kid when I would never have considered it even possible . Went to war at 18 yrs old and never felt like crying, ;but give me 3 or 4 bad episodes of RL freaknS, and I turn to Goo!!! Like you Lady S, I really don,t know where this will all end, but I keep saying “it could be worse”, It could be worse”, I have found the medical community down here totally uncaring, ignorant, apathetic,unprofessional and generally speaking……. in medicine for status ant the$$$$$$$. I realize there is only so much that they can do, but down here, it is like I,m teaching them and then I become lab-rat #1. my Nero dude did know about the foundation but has never taken the time to say much about it. {and he is suppose to be the best locally for RLfreaknS. Last visit, He threw his hands up and said the same thing that the sleep cliknic dude said. “david I’m out of bullets. see me in 4 months” Tell me S, what the hell is that. MAN!!! I,ll never get over that one. GOOD LORD SOOOOO SORRY!!! Evough of this. Oh, b4 I forget, RLS is thought to originate at the base of the spine. Sure enough, when it is hittn hard., that feels about right. just a reminder …. write down all the issues that u want addressed when u see the DR tommorrow. It is so helpful to do so. I did not know that growth spurts did that. Maybe that was dress rehearsal for what was to come. Maybe it made u tougher than u give yourself credit for…….Maybe…. just maybe lil suhcuddo is tough as nails just battered and bruised.a little. Don,t fear a needle that can make your pain and headaches go away. Best way to handle it is to psyche-up, get real angry and say DO IT. it is over in a flash. with a qualified shooter, u won,t feel much at all. they numb it as they go. I smiled when u said your Mr. slept till 10 since retirement. He probably earned that. I wish we all couild do that. Retirement is ‘iffy at times isn’t it. It seems to be really harder on the wives. Good lord Im ramblin here. very sorry but you are a good ear. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good day for u and the Dr, will have an epiphany about some of your concerns. I will pray hard for that tonite when I, idleing around. Hope you get some sleep…..{comfortably] until later lil buddy. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

up again at 12:30am geeezze!!!!

I forgt to give you super “props”. for your smoking decrease. Wow, that is impressive. I’m a little jealous but “way-to-go kiddo” If u can do that , then u can do anything, and I mean anything______.There is interesting research out there on just how hard that is so brag on yourself….u earned it. I,m really anxious to hear how your trip to the Dr. went. Is it a good Dr. or one like I have. This is why I went on the Mayo c site in the first place. Quiet frustration with the locals. Today was a rough day with the RLS. Evening meal triggered major waves. Dear God, when will this let-up a little………………………hope to hear from u soon

Well, What can I say? I’ve been w/ my doc for about twenty years now and this is the first time I’ve been at odds w/ him. I wrote all my symptoms down, first mental, then physical, he took a quick glance and said it’s “Clinical depression” he wants me to stop taking the muscle relaxers and start taking an anti depressant. He too don’t seem to think my pain is real. I thought he did. but he says theres nothin’ in the ct scan. and that the pain is coming from the depression that was triggured by the accident. Well that much is true I am depressed, and it’s caused from the accident., but it’s because of the pain I’m feeling from the whiplash not the other way around like he’s suggesting. That was my G P, I can’t get in to see the Nero doc til after Jan, I’m thinkin’ on finding one down here that is in the office more than once a month. See I used to live in Seattle and so that’s where all my docs are. But I am haveing thoughts of finding new ones down here. As far as a nero doc, goes I’ve only seen him once. See it took almost ten years for my GP to decide I needed to see one. So, there I am I feel like I’m back at square one. Well, I figure I’ll take the meds like he wants me too then when I go back in three weeks w/ no results we’ll know the truth. Right?
But We went driving around to do a little reminiseing afterwards. It was o.k. They really have it tore up up there. It was weird seeing 1/2 the viaduct gone. But I sure don’t miss the traffic. And I don’t drive!! I never have, never learned.
I have a question for ya, And your wife might wanna know too, How come you guys get to “retire” but we housewives don’t? My other 1/2 claims that it’s because he works harder, but I beg to differ. Though I’m gladf hes home more now. If I can get to relax in the car again, we can ressume our day trips.
I miss those. Chat w/ ya later 🙂

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