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I can’t seem to remind her enough…… I only wish she would slow down……. She went out to feed the horse without 02 one day. Yesterday she went to grocery store with her portable 02 and has picked the kids up from school. She is learning to sit at a stool at kitchen counter to prepare meals. Last night she complained of chest discomfort. Steroid has now worn off so that seems normal. I AM concerned about the kids bringing germs home (they r 6 & 9). I am sorry ur family is dealing with this. Fortunately the kids really bounced back with a few days! My SIL is back to shift work (he had mostly a head cold and stress of wife in hospital who he couldn’t see). My daughter has been given off from work til April. That seems reasonable. Thankfully her MIL is living with them and can help out too. Thanks for ur reply and hope ur family gets better sooner than later!

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Thanks for checking in - my family is doing better, just hoping the rest of them will continue to test negative. And the 5 year-old is very unhappy with remote classes, so they are able to convince him to be cautious. I am glad to hear your daughter is improving. One thing about post-Covid effects on the body seems to be that she will have to slow down...but it is best for her to learn on her own what her limits are. As for going out without the O2, she will learn when it is OK or not as well.
Let me know how your daughter progresses these next few weeks. After Covid in 2020, my other daughter had to go on and off the prednisone a few times before her lungs completely healed.