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First I'm NOT a doctor, but a computer programmer and I look at logical first.
Try googling CBD and seizures, From that, I would suggest, maybe let's try something else other than cbds and eliminate THCs (if she is getting this elsewhere) which everyone thinks is the cure all for our stressful lives. When did your brother start having seizures, same time he started to use CBDs?? Look at the inputs and see if they result in the output of seizures. Kind of like machine learning, but unfortunately we don't get to see every possible inputs. We can look at inputs outside of the normal people usage though. (Meaning do I "eat more cornflakes" more than normal than other people - where cornflakes filled in with all inputs of your daughters daily life, it doesn't even have to be through the digestive system, could be walk 3 miles around the manufacturing plant near the house everyday......)

At top of my Google Search "does CBD cause seizures" (of course you will fine equally that it also stopes seizures) but research what you can, and take everything you read with a grain of salt.

She needs to look back and see if she bumped up her CBD usage before her first seizure. Then did stress cause even more usage of CBDs due to diagnosis to cause the second.

Google Search "does CBD cause seizures" -- In a 2020 study, researchers found that patients taking a commercial CBD product had a 70 percent increase in seizures, whereas the group taking prescription CBD had a 39 percent reduction. A reason for this may be that the commercial CBD products had higher levels of THC, which can be a trigger for seizures" -- Strange looks like no matter uncontrolled usage or through RX it still increases chance of seizures.

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Thank you Jake,

As far as the CBD we get a very good reputable company. If anything with the CBD she isn’t taking it constantly, both times she had her seizure, she didn’t take the CBD, was under a lot of stress with school, and wasn’t sleeping very well at all.

With her 1st seizure all of her test in the hospital came back normal EEG and MRI. It wasn’t until she had a 72hr EEG did they see two little abnormalities in the middle of one night.

My bother has never use CBD.

I understand the issue of using CBD, but with my daughter it has help greatly with her anxiety.
As the other person before you having her learn to manager her stress and anxiety I think is key to this issue with her.

This last one we all feel was due to stress, anxiety and extreme lack of sleep. She was stressed and having anxiety of coming back from a vacation with my mom, and trying to get ready for school on top of the Covid testing and buying books, and an issue with a class. The day she came home from her vacation she didn’t relax or give her body time to adjust to a 4 hr time difference. Didn’t sleep either went out with some friends, hurried up and packed stayed up all night then got up very early in the morning to do shopping and Covid testing back at her college campus.

We notice a big difference with her when she takes the CBD and it’s for the better. She never takes more then what she should, we are leaning towards the fact that she doesn’t take it constantly.

My daughter has been using CBD oils for years before her 1st seizure.