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Possible Aspergilloma to require surgery

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I don't have the same problem you do but my pulmonologist at Rochester is Dr. Teng Moua. I first went there in 2014 and I, like you, was very nervous. I live on the Ks/Ok state line so it was about a 10-12 hour drive with no stops. But, I can honestly tell you that you will be more than impressed. Such a kind and caring group of doctors and assistants and will make you feel welcome and I think you are certainly in the right place — no matter what the problem. I've been back 3 times but they continue to work with me long distance and you will be able to use their portal and get to them quickly. Also, they gave me pho numbers to reach them. I'm almost 81 years old now and most people thought I was about to pass on when I went there. My problem didn't turn out to be what I was sent for and it took them only an hour to diagnose. There were three doctors examined and visited with me before they told me to come back in an hour and they would know. All were more than you would expect in friendliness and making you feel you "might" live. Ha! Seriously, I asked Dr. Moua before I left that day if I was going to die from my problem and he just sweetly smiled and said "You will die with it but hopefully not from it". He said he thought they could maintain although they could not cure. I hope all this writing will help you be less nervous and it will be most interesting to have your feedback after you've been there.

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I am 83 years old with MAC Abscessus. I healthy otherwise from walking/exercising; taking multiple vitamins regularly and nebulizing. At this age, I really don't expect to be cured of this disease; but, maintain, as your doctor said. I also want to avoid taking the BIG THREE because of the side effects. Most antibiotics give me diarrhea and itchy skin. Will see how it goes!

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