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It felt like someone took a nail file and roughed up the inside of my intestines. I don't know any other way to describe it. No I have not seen a GI specialist. My experience with the medical community and COVID has been go home isolate and we don't want to hear from you unless you go to the ER if your oxygen level gets too low. I am afraid I don't have much faith in doctors anymore. I had to get my advice on how to self-treat covid at home from friends who were in radiology and a nurse. I had to call twice and demand the monoclonal antibodies. I am 69 so definitely qualified. My husband was vaccinated also had COVID and has several health issues. When he called his doctor he was just told "OK, we will note it in your chart." Really. He's 71 overweight and has been seen by his doctor a lot. No advice like take an aspirin each day to help prevent blood clots, or take Tylenol to control fever, or even monitor your oxygen level. Thanks to friend and Google we managed to survive, but I can't say much for any treatment from our esteemed doctors.

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Most drs dont give a shit..if they some pill they will prescribe it to get you off their back..and not get down to root cause. Most are arrogant too. I hope to see integrative health