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Possible Mircoandenoma muscle wasting

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Thank you so much! I feel so frustrated here in Clearwater. My doctors down here don’t know what to do with me and keep referring me to another specialist (talk to neuro or rheumatoid or back to endo) My hormone levels are all over the place insulin, DHEA and testosterone I spoke with a intake rep today and they said my request will go to internal medicine first not endocrinology because I’m experiencing back pain and muscle wasting. They said it will probably be 3 months. I hope not but I plan to go to go a New England pituitary center next week because I don’t know if I can wait 3 months. I’m so happy to hear your daughter is doing well now. How was recovery and did she have surgery or medication first? Thank you!

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It’s good news that you are going to a pituitary center next week!
There is also Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL with excellent endocrinologists.
It seems that you are wasting time with your doctors now.
My daughter had pituitary surgery and has not had any recurrence.
Recovery was tough initially- she needed replacement hydrocortisone for a while while the body healed. She is doing very well now.
Could you please get back to us after your appointment next week?

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