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Grover's Disease: What works to help find relief?

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Nodgabnoj- like you after after 2 1/2 years without any new GD activity I started up again several months ago. I was beginning to think GD was a thing of the past for me. Yet beginning under beasts and front torso, then my lower back torso I couldn't escape the reality that GD is truely transcient and chronic for me too. It has not been as overwhelming as my outbreaks were years ago which covered all upper and lower front and back torso including the back of my neck with intense itching and pain I began the cilantro smoothies in earnest, after being off them for 2 years with only occasional smoothies, about every 3 or 4 months. It's taken about a month to notice any reduction in papuale creation and itching, fortunetly this week I've seen and felt a dramatic improvement and just hoping it is not a temporary pause.

All of us search for products to relieve the itching and pain, my pain was as great as the itching. I have tried it all, prescription and over the counter product recommended or suggested and the only thing that worked for me was capsician. I did go ahead and order capsaician, a chile pepper topical 2 weeks ago because of itching. My original brand of capsaician, Flanax changed the formula and now contains Phenoxyethanol, one of the least allergic preservatives, yet because of my allergies to all preservaties I can't use this brand now. I did find a new brand, Rugby, Capsaicin Cream, 0.025% which is free of preservatives and much less expense. I have bought other Rugby products and was satisfied. Yet since my itch began lessoning recently I haven't had the need to try it. Capsaician was the only topical that worked to give me temporary relief from the itching, lasting about 20-30 minutes. I would apply before bed, it does burn/sting upon application of the rashed up skin for about 15 seconds and surprisingly the burn is a comfort from the 24/7 itch and tissue pain. Then after those few seconds the burn is gone, and the skin nerves are confused and the pain is blocked about 20 minutes which is long enought to get comfortable in bed and fall asleep.

When I say I;m back on the cilantro smoothie- I've changed and no longer put into my daily smoothie with wild blueberries, banana, bovine collagen powder, raw egg and almond milk. Now, after I make my delicious smoothie, then while the blender is empty and still dirty I put in my 1/2 bunch of fresh or frozen cilantro stems and leaves and about 1/3 cup of water and blend/liquify. I chug this green liquid, get it over with and then proceed to enjoy my delicious breakfast smoothie.

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I never tried the cilantro smoothies, but I did use the liquid cilantro drops from Herb Pharm very faithfully for several months. My GD never went completely away, but it did calm down to a large extent. I thought to myself, this cilantro stuff is WORKING, so I kept it up for several more months, but I got no further improvement. I finally stopped taking cilantro altogether and my GD has not flared up with any massive new outbreaks, but I just get single sores occasionally popping up here and there and they could be anywhere on my body from my toes to my neck. I have a lot of science classes in my background, but that was long ago, and I am certainly no scientist now, but my best guess is that how much the cilantro helps each particular person is dependent on what caused the Grover's to emerge in the first place, and that cause could vary from person to person. In my case, I think it might have been way too much sun exposure of many years. For others it could have been exposure to certain chemicals, the Shingrix vaccine, or any number of other things.
At any rate, I'm very sorry to hear about @nodgabnoj and @gardeningjunkie suffering setbacks. I'm still using the CeraVe Itch Relief Moisturizing Cream for my own itching, but I will eventually give that capsaicin cream by Rugby a shot. Thanks and good luck to all!

For some reason, despite watching this site daily, I don’t think I saw this pos

I don’t think I saw this post. How are you presently doing? I hope you are well and not suffering. I still do the liquid twice a day with only one minor break out. Given my good fortune now, I know it’s never really over.

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