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she has the pulse oximeter. but she's afraid to use it now that she's home as that's when she saw it at 83% and then went to hosp. I was able to set up a telephone visit at mayo this Thurs!!! and I spoke to a local retired pulmonologist who gave me great info and wisdom. I'm 2000 miles from my daughter. while she was in hosp we facetimed pretty much 24/7. she was so anxious with good reason. thanks so much for ur reply. nice to know I'm not alone... she's still on daily steroid so that gives her blinded energy. she actually walked up their stairs last nite with her husband's assist.

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Since you were able to get her a phone appointment, tell her they will want as much info as she can provide. The pulse odometer will give them a picture of how she is doing - can you get her or her husband to record it several times a day, especially after any activity and when waking up. In addition if it falls below 90% while on the O2, she should call her doc or the hospital for adjustment of the flow.
They will also use it as a tool when she begins weaning from the oxygen.
You're a great mom, even long distance! Hang in there - we went through this in March, Aprill 2020 when our daughter was 1500 miles away.
Ask anytime for help, I know how hard this is.

Have you been able to talk to your daughter about what she learned in her telephone visit today?
Have her symptoms improved at all since we talked last? And how are you holding up, Mom?