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Mask guidance when visiting Mayo Clinic

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I have multiple cardiac problems and I am on oxygen. I recently flew from the west to Minneapolis with my NIOSH certified N95 mask. I experienced a twelve flight delay and plane change. I lost my first class seat and was crammed into coach in a packed plane. There was a huge delay in collecting my luggage in Minneapolis due to staffing shortages, and baggage claim was crowded with people looking for their luggage, which was scattered everywhere. I booked a town car through Mayo Travel to pick me up and the driver was there to help me. I learned recently that I was exposed to Covid by a family member before Christmas. My N95 NIOSH certified made in the US mask by Demetek has worked for me. I have no CoVID symptoms and and several Covid tests are negative.

The N95 masks also worked during the terrible fires that occurred in the west. The cloth mask did not filter out all those toxic fumes.

In my opinion, the KN95 masks are not as protective. A friend gave me one that came from China and it did not compare to the US made NIOSH certified one I had.

Stay safe everyone. I have confidence in traveling , even though I am high risk, with my N95 mask and good hygiene practices. I am glad I made it to Mayo for my testing and consultations.

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@janet23, @loribmt and all…Sounds like you had a horrid trip to MN. Flying has become a real trial and so difficult for us older folks. I have serious edema issues and flying creates lots of problems for me for days after landing. The last time I flew, I arrived in London very ill, years ago w/no masks and I'm sure no advanced air clarifications as we have now. It was rough. But, hopefully, you did well and are will have a good visit with your Mayo folks. Enjoy your visit.
My KN95 masks are made in the USA, bought online and searched for that purpose. So far, so good.

Be well and safe with many blessings. Elizabeth

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