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EPI abdominal cramping

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Good morning Grannydee. My heart goes out to you. Your situation is difficult. 105 pounds is very low. My dad went through a similar process following an illness and surgery. There is a term called cachexia, and while it is labeled a syndrome, it occurs as a spectrum of severity of “wasting”. As a team, my siblings and I were able reverse his…. Gradually. My first question is “What can you eat?”. For my Dad, we placed small amounts of his favorite foods all around. He “nibbled” as tolerated, because his “taste buds” were altered. We did not push. No expectations for “nutrition” at this point. As the nausea decreased (this took weeks), he was able to broaden variety of the foods. He had more energy. The whole process took months. We were able to bring him home from the hospital and continued at home. The Cachexia process is hard to reverse, and becomes more challenging to do so the longer one is into it. There are little dietary pearls of ways to slip extra nutrition into traditionally non-nutritious foods. The tastes which appeal to you right are the most important thing to think about. You might want to consider looking at these strategies. I hope you can reverse this. I hope your pain declines.

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Thank you so much. I hope it will settle down, however I also realize that regardless of the pain, I have to use the zenpep to ensure that my nutrition is taken care of and move forward.
It’s not a cure but it is required and I’m thankful to finally have some answers.
Also an update on the prescription assistance!
Zenpep is so expensive (1200) a month! Fortunately the prescription assistance worked! We had to send in a tax return and my gastro dr had to also sign the application.
It’s not free, but it is a huge help. No matter how much you plan for your retirement no one ever expects to pay 14,000 a year for medication! The prescription assistance has to be renewed on a yearly basis, but it’s worth it! There is a fifty dollar application fee, and I’m paying 59 a month through this program.
There was no way I could afford 1200 a month for zenpep.
This changed everything for me. It’s not a cure and the side effects aren’t fun, but this is improving my quality of life and extending my life since my nutrition is actually benefiting my body now.
I hope anyone that needs prescription assistance can take a look at it and see if it’s something that might benefit them.
Now, my goal is to gain muscle strength and move forward. Exercise has also helped tremendously with stress and also gets me outside.
Outside is therapeutic too, and I hope for all my fellow EPI crusaders to get outside and move your body!
All the best, granny Dee

Thank you so much. It’s been a journey for sure. I am using the collagen protein and bone broth too.