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Mask guidance when visiting Mayo Clinic

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If you’re more comfortable you can actually use your fabric masks that you know fit well, and then put a surgical mask over the top when you’re out and about.
For my oncology appt this past week, I wore my fabric mask and then put the surgical mask they offered at the door over the top of my mask. That way my fabric mask wasn’t contaminated and I didn’t have to wash it right away when I got home. Kinda like belts and suspenders. ☺️.

My daughter and husband are visiting this week. We have been wearing N-95 masks that fit well and are the preferred masks for protection. But we played around with a few surgical masks to custom fit them by taking little tucks on the bottom edge of the mask, making it tighter around the face. I’d been doing that with the fabric masks I’ve made during the pandemic.
Where are the problem areas for you with the surgical masks? Have you tried doing a little nip and tuck here and there to make them fit more snugly?

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@loribmt, and all… I switched from my wonderful collection of cloth masks, several I bought online from the Mayo Store, that had a pocket into which I inserted a surgical piece for additional protection. I used them for both years,, until a Connect friend told me about the KN95 mask. I can't wear the N95 at all since it's so tight, hurts my face, head and neck. The straps go over the entire head, not just the ears, so my son and I both can't use them, ever.

But, the KN95 is wonderful, not too tight, fits quite well around the face and mouth and the nose They stand away from the face/nose so I can breathe better and don't get as hot.

I pray this year we will all frame our masks as a momentum of these frightful years with covid. Either frame or have a huge community bonfire in the street!
Blessings all and be covid free. elizabeth

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