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Mask guidance when visiting Mayo Clinic

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I have been wearing a cloth mask. One of my friends, a retired physician, told me that a poorly fitted surgical mask did little to stop the spread.

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Your friend is right. The mask has to fit properly. ☺️ But even if it’s not snug it will still prevent most aerosol from escaping when talking or laughing. That’s the goal to cut down on the amount of virus that circulates in the air. The virus itself is smaller than the filtration capacity of most masks, however, it generally attaches itself to larger droplets, making it easier to capture in the mask filtration.

Cloth masks are ok if they are at least 3 layers of a finely woven fabric. And even better if a 4th layer of a N-95 filter fabric is added.

The reason Mayo is now expecting people to wear surgical masks in lieu of fabric is that there are so many variables in the types of fabric masks. There are single, double, triple layers of fabric, or single layer bandanas. Mayo and other medical establishments are looking for a product with predictable results, such as medical grade surgical masks, when people are entering their clinics. It’s for everyone’s safety.

One of my specialty background certifications was in Infection Control, which was one of my roles for the large dental practice where I worked. So I’ve done extensive research on masks for years for the protection of our workers and our patients.

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