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Skin warts: What helps?

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Hah, what is it about things on our hands that have us picking at them!!?? When I was younger, in my teens (like a zillion decades ago) I had a couple warts develop too and I was so embarrassed to show my hands.

They were on my thumb near the nail and also on the thumb joint. It was so hard to leave them alone!! But then realized they looked even ickier when I was futzing around with them…and hurt! My mom took me to our doctor and he used liquid nitrogen to freeze them off. That worked!

So my suggestion for you is to try and leave the warts alone to keep from irritating them. However, there are some safe home remedies for removal with potentially good results.
Besides the other 3 sites I found for you, here’s another with some more beneficial information.
Have you tried any wart removers?

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I haven’t tried any wart removers…Thankyou for all the help and for the great article. I think I’ll try apple cider vinegar and duct tape. I’ll also try my very best to leave them alone. I think that’ll be the best method 😁 however hard that’ll be. It they don’t go away I’ll see a doctor for some kind of topical cream. I think they might be flat warts cause according to Harvard studies, they usually appear in large numbers like mine…

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