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Nasal passage blocked

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Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply. I agree with you about finding a holistic dentist perhaps they work closely with an Oral Surgeon who would consider removing it. It has been challenging because the one Oral Surgeon who discovered the gutta percha says it should be pulled bit it was beyond his expertise to pull a tooth that is under my sinus. The other dental providers Two Oral Maxillofacial surgeons have flat out refused due to not seeing an infection and consider the tooth healthy.

I also want to research ozone to see if that can perhaps kill an infection if no one will remove the tooth.

I wish the dental community would acknowledge that dental infections are present even when they don’t show up on 3 d cone beam scans and ct scans . I saw a total of 4 ENT Doctors as well. My last ENT did say I most likely have an infection still even when it is not showing up on imaging . He gave me 10 days of clindamcychin 150 mg per pill every 4 hours. I felt better for about 2 weeks. He advised to pull the tooth as well but it has been challenging to find anyone willing to do it.

Thanks again for your kind reply and for sharing your story.

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Hi again.... I reread your original msg. It was like I guessed. The 1st person put such a hole in your sinus, they are afraid of now removing it. My guess again is. It is infected, they just can't see it because it won't build up in there like a regular abscess because it is still draining out of your sinus. ( Like it shouldn't be) if the maxofacial surgeons won't do it, it must be serious. Maybe a very good plastic surgeon.??? I know when I would get my cough for months, I used to pray for a fever so someone would take me seriously.
Oh..... How can they say it's a perfectly good tooth. If you had a root canal, it's a dead tooth...... The holistic dentist is your best bet I think. Besides a lawyer..
Covid has made anything medical 5x more difficult. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Take care. T