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Sleep without trazadone

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I've taken Benadryl for years to help me sleep. Last year my brother told me that Gabapenten helped him with the pain of neuropathy. My doctor had prescribed it for me in the past, but failed to mention that it would take a while before I felt any benefit so I stopped too soon apparently. After my brother told me his experience with it I began to use it for pain. My feet ache and burn at night after I go to bed, so I added it to the Benadryl and finally started getting a good nights sleep. Now I find it requires more than it did before and I'm getting concerned about over medicating. Last night I only took the Gabapenten and fell asleep within a half hour, but woke up 2 hours later and could not get to sleep again. I didn't take anything at that time, but finally just got up and stayed up.
I will be moving cross country in a couple of months and will have to find a new doctor. That means to me that I will need to have my meds covered here for several months and my doctor assured me that they will be. My quandary is what to do about my sleep meds now to get myself adapted to sleeping through the nights now. Naturally, the move is anxiety inducing enough already. Any suggestions for me? Many thanks for your help..

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@hotfooted, can you help me understand? You are weaning yourself off of Benadryl and continue with gabapentin and are working on better sleep throughout the night. With you upcoming move, you're concerned about sleeping through the night. Did I get that right?

Did you see @kellyamunrud's post with some helpful suggestions?