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I have had anxiety since I was 14/15. Now am 20. Drink nothing but water and milk and exercise daily. I was on Zoloft and it worked for couple years I stopped it cold turkey. It came back. So I upped to 100mg Zoloft and it took back control I was happy feel good for awhile again. BUT. I’d take it then wait 4-5 days take it again. Did that for a long time. Then out of no where I had a heart palpitation. And my anxiety came back on the Zoloft so I switched to 20mg Prozac. It’s been just over 2 months and no changes. And still palpitations. I’ve had a monitor saw cardiologist. Everything. All fine. I feel as if I dident have palpitations my anxiety would be controllable. And another question that worry’s me. I know anxiety causes heart palps but why did they just start months back when I’ve had anxiety for 5-6 years ? That’s what scares me. And then I’m worried that anxiety has caused a problem with my heart !!

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Hi @06dodge and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will see that I moved your post to a discussion where a couple of members are discussing similar problems. You will also notice that in addition to Depression and Anxiety, I also added your discussion to the Heart Health group too just in case there are members in the heart group that have had palpitations with anxiety.

There are two other discussions that you might want to read just to get an idea of what might be going on
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I see that you were on Zoloft and then Prozac. Did your doctor give you anything to take for sudden onset anxiety and palpitations?