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I had recurrent a fib episodes several years ago. A few times they converted on their own and one time I had to be cardio converted. My EP suggested that I have a pacemaker inserted. It was the best thing I ever did. The heart does still have episodes of AFib but you never feel it and the pacemaker keeps a normal rhythm because it runs the entire heart. I failed to mention that along with the pacemaker they did an AV node ablation which makes the heart completely dependent on the pacemaker. Of course I also take Xarelto to thin the blood and prevent a stroke. I have had the pacemaker since 2004 and I am soon to have my third new one in 1 1/2 years has the batteries do have a life limit.

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I am so glad I found your post. I have a icd/ defibrillator and a pacemaker first it was vtach/ v fib. Now it’s afib. My heart rate got so high with the afib that the defibrillator gave me 5 shocks. I went to the hospital the next morning when I got up to go to the bathroom it shocked me another 2 times. I stayed in the hospital for a week and my ep doctor done an ablation for afib. During my 2 week check up he discussed having an av node along with the watchman and adding a 3 lead to the defibrillator. I am so scared and full of anxiety. I would greatly appreciate talking with you

I'm an 83-year-old woman who's been dealing with afib since November 2017. I've taken several meds since: diltiazem, sotolol (both worked for months), tikosyn, dofetilide (both proved useless and horribly expensive), and most recently amiodarone. The latter has been useless, too (and high risk for side effects), so my cardiologist took me off it cold turkey I'll probably take metoprolol soon, but I'm getting cynical about all the meds tossed my way hoping something will work. I've been dealing with dizziness and breathlessness for past few years, and it's getting worse. I've had at least 4 cardioversions, and my cardiologist says I am not a good candidate for ablation. I asked him what's next, and he said "exercise." I've been exercising for years, and I'll continue to do it–exercise bike, balance and strengthening exercises, walking–but I do get tired, dizzy, and breathless. Has anyone had similar experiences, and if so, what has helped you, if anything?

I have a friend 3 years older than me who had afib and atrial flutter, treated by several cardioversions and ablations. Nothing worked, so two years ago she had a tiny pacemaker installed IN her heart. Her heart's electrical system depends on it because the doc had to ablate the sinus node (the heart's main switchboard) completely. She has more energy, but she sweats lots when she exerts herself. But she's much improved. I'm almost afraid to ask my doc if this would be for me, as I've been so disappointed with the ultimately ineffective pills and procedures I've had–and I don't want to be disappointed again. In the meantime, I feel I'm a sitting duck for a heart attack. Am wondering if I'll keel over doing exercise! Thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

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