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Celebrations and Being on the Spectrum

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Where I live, come the first of the year you cannot even count on being able to hibernate at home any longer in the future. I suppose the elimination of single family zoning is way too controversial to speak of on here, but even the prospect of the inevitable elevated noise level that follows is anxiety provoking to one on the spectrum like myself.

Having crowding next door just won’t work for someone like myself. That & the further declining air quality. As like many people with Aspergers I don’t like change, so moving away from the noise & air pollution would not be a easy prospect either. As I would be moving far away from my family & their support. Not a smartest of moves when older.

It seems unsettlingly out of my hands, and as if it is considered a massive sin these days to want to continue to live in peace & quiet. Now I know how my grandmother felt when too many of the fields of Amherst were not just being plowed up, but cemented over for university related expansion. I haven’t figured out how to cope with this one yet.

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@linh Are you able to place yourself in an environment where you can "tune out" the noise and stimuli? Perhaps some noise canceling headphones or white noise? It sure might make a difference. Where I live now, there is mostly quiet, as we are in a rural area, but before moving it was terrible living in the city. Too many noises, lights, and people for my comfort! Yes, cemented over fields seem to make a lost hospitable environment.