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About to start Prolia: What's your experience?

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Good afternoon @hip123 and welcome to Connect. Darn it….I am so sorry you are having undesirable side effects from your recent Prolia injection. I just had my second injection last week.

Before starting Prolia, I called the company and asked them these questions. The response was to seek ER help if necessary and urgent. If less than an emergency contact the clinician who gave you the injection.

Have your negative side effects dissipated?

May you be free and protected from inner and outer harm.

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Thank you !!! I had my second injection on September 21,2021 and I am still experiencing pain in my joints, muscles and bones along with a sore area on my left lower abdomen. At times severe abdominal pain. Going to the ER is not an option at this time during COVID I am taking tylenol every six hours and topical ointments on sore. I get little relief My Dr. said she does not think this is because of Prolia. The timeline of symptoms certainly points to after my injection. I also cannot take steroids because it raises my blood pressure to 220/150. I choose Prolia because my doctor told me it had the least side effects. I feel trapped now. Keep praying that there is some way out of this situation. I am trying to be positive but the pain I have is, at times severe ! Anyone who has found something that is helpful please let me know. Thank you !!!!!!!!!