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Post Knee replacement mobility

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Hello, I am new to this site and not. Even sure I am in the right group. I have a rather unusual situation in that I had a TKR 2 years ago and it was a total success. It corrected the arthritis in my other knee also as I was walking more steadily. Only thing is that I’m afraid that I have done something to upset the balance. A couple of weeks ago I started having pain in the inside of both knees and even more worrysome is that my replaced knee now has the stiffness that it had post surgery ( though not quite as bad, but still bothersome.) I know I overdid it with a 2 hour walk/hike a few weeks ago that had a various surfaces to walk on. I could tell that I was overdoing it and I was! Dr sent me doe X-rays and ultrasound on both knees. Not sure what it will show? Perhaps I should try MFR therapy. I will ask my doctor. Thanks!

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Welcome @reesa to Connect. You are in the right group……joint replacements. I would be pretty upset if my knee repair began to regress. I did have a couple of similar episodes. It was scar tissue once and then hyper extension the next time. Has someone taught you how to intervene? My MFR therapist did work it out. The scar tissuen took about 4 sessions and the hyperextension took longer. I went back to ICE and elevate. It all went away eventually. Now, my therapist checks it every week.

Have you begun MFR yet?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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