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Tales of my imminent demise

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@sueinmn Thankyou, Sue! I'll be sure to report! I'll even be able to send pictures at last of
"What's Outside Your Picture Window"! 😊 ❤ Laurie

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@artist01, @loribmt, @sueinmn, @johnbishop, and all..Well, Laurie, here you go! Off on another big adventure. I'm so proud of you and pleased for you. But, for goodness sake, they need to change the name of that lovely community. I think I'd rename it to something lovely as the location and the people.

I can't wait to see your pictures. I love your section of the world, so magnificent and truly lovely. I didn't realize the extent of the damage to the infrastructure. What a crazy world in which we live. I also will enjoy your writings of your new digs and experiences. You also enjoy writing….right? Well, here's your chance to include your Connect friends in your move and your experiences.

Laurie, you've been so blessed with your family helping you. They moved you into the assisted living, didn't they? I think I remember them helping you with packing and moving. Cherish that family! I have my precious son, but his ability to help me with decisions and such is quite limited. So, I do what we do when decisions must be made, tough sometimes painful decisions. Suck it up and do what needs to be done. Period.

So, Laurie, be your wonderfully strong, steel spine self and do what needs to be done; you are surrounded by your friends with so much love and caring giving you support with every step or roll of the wheelchair. We're with tiy.
Blessings my friend May this journey be filled with good things, good people, and much peace and love.

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