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Its another check in time – and not good – I have had no time to do but minimal things to get Culver house ready – still awaiting my bed being built by the Amish to be completed – trying to find some reasonable bookcases and furniture – I got all the collectible/antiques furniture cleaned and/or refinished by doing it myself. So still not into new house

5.3A clean up been at a stand still as bobcat has been down & not working since Sept 23 to late October and now again but parts to arrive for the new motor under warranty Monday.

now on to the bad news –

my truck while sitting unoccupied at a grocery store in Culver was front-ended as a result of a police chase on Nov 28th- they shot the driver I am told at least 4 times so he was probably dead when he hit it – They let me sit in my truck and warm up for while & put my groceries into it – then told me I could not be in it so I sat in parking lot in a police car for 2 hours – till they could decide if they could take me home or not and if could have groceries – they did take me home but could not have groceries – finally got the truck 4 hours later at 8 p.m. they told me i could drive it home – but the bumper on the drivers side was up against and rubbing the brand new passenger side tire insurance agent was not impressed but was going to allow me to drive it to repair shop that way – friend got permission to pull the bumper out so would not rub

a total of $6004 damages rounded up not including the rental my insurance has taken care of it had to pay the $400 deductible original estimate was only &3800 so rest has hidden damage adjuster did not look at 🙁 – got it in for repair on the 30th and got it back on Dec. 8th Yes it is a nightmare it is still under investigation by the Indiana State Police. So many different stories as to why the chase and its routes and speeds.

Now to friend – its not looking good I can home and he was complaining of the left arm swelling (which it has been since after the very 1st radiation and the big lymph node tumor busted open over a year ago – any way I saw the huge lump just above the elbow – – then in radiologist office Dec 30th he took off shirt – and he had a line of differing sizes of small lymph node tumors from armpit to armpit and one size of golf ball in left armpit near the original one had already busted open – Dec 1 was oncologist & Ct scans not good news –

Had simulation for next round of radiation treatment on Dec. 8th with an MRI on here is synopsis of CTs & MRI

1. Findings consistent with disease progression including worsening lymphadenopathy, chest wall nodules/masses, and pleural-based nodularity.
2. There is associated osseous erosion of the sternum, the costal cartilage (), and the left first and second ribs

1. An enhancing lesion within the posterior right temporal lobe measures approximately 0.8 cm with associated surrounding edema, likely metastasis.

Questionable enhancing lesions along the right sylvian fissure and within the left cerebellum. Recommend dedicated MRI the brain for more detailed assessment and evaluation for additional presumed metastases.

2. Interval development of a cystic and/or necrotic left level II lymph node measuring approximately 0.7 x 1 cm, concerning for progression of nodal disease.

3. Additional new metastatic disease is present within the anterior right chest wall. Please see separately reported chest CT for findings below the thoracic inlet.

4. Post treatment related changes of the left lower neck with interval significant decrease in left lower cervical and supraclavicular adenopathy from 09/23/2021.

A small residual metastatic deposit overlying paraspinal soft tissues of the upper back measures approximately 0.9 cm. Recommend attention on follow-up.

4. Additional chronic and involutional findings as detailed above.

There is a peripherally enhancing, multilobular lesion seen within
the inferior right temporal lobe measuring 10 x 10 x 10 mm. More
superiorly within the right temporal lobe adjacent to the sylvian
fissure and right frontal operculum there is an additional
peripherally enhancing lesion measuring 15 x 11 x 14 mm (transverse
by AP by craniocaudal). Both of these lesions demonstrate surrounding
vasogenic edema.

Peripherally enhancing right temporal and front temporal metastatic
lesions as described above with mild surrounding vasogenic edema

There is to be a consult with another radiologist for the brain lesions – to put him on a steroid for the swelling Oncologist is leaning toward Focal radiation for the brain lesions which said will be higher intense and shorter treatment span – not sure if will be worked in with the radiation that will be going on with in the next 2-3 weeks or not will start the 7th round of radiation on Dec 15th with films & actual radiation starting the 16th to Jan 7th

SO its not going to be a very happy holiday here.

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I really do appreciate hearing from you with updates, @reibur1951. It sounds as if your friend is fighting cancer on various fronts and that is so unfortunate. With cancer in so many areas, including the brain, I imagine he must not be feeling very well. Is he able to maintain his activities of daily living? I'm thinking of eating, daily hygiene, etc.? Is he getting supplemental oxygen?

I understand that you feel the approaching holidays may not be very happy. I hope that you are able to find some area of joy in the remaining weeks of December. I certainly wish you a better 2022.