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I am 81 year old woman. 5'2" 110#'s I mention this because of what happened to me. March 1, 2021 I picked up a friend to go for annual BD luncheon at a Mexican restaurant we had been to before. From now on anything I say is not in my memory, but relayed to me by my friend. I have had complete memory loss and it has been a fiasco, which has ruined my life. We ordered a Margarita and food. Friend says I drank some of my drink and then got up and went into the rest room and never came back to the table. I do not remember being in the rest room, or remember my friend checking on me. I found out later my friend checked on me, but also said they think you are drunk, which I wasn't. I think it made me mad, because I knew I wasn't. I was at the door and said I was leaving, my friend left credit card on table, grabbed my purse and followed me out. I swear no memory of any of it. Apparently the manager was behind my car talking on his phone obviously calling the police since 6 minutes later my friend says I was being pulled over by police and arrested for DUI. This is almost unbelieveable even to me, but my friend heard me say does it take 5 of you to arrest and 80 year old woman. I guess I resisted and they beat me up pretty badly. Little me and later a 6 foot policeman came to my cell door and said I kicked him and another officer. It was news to me and I swear I have no remembrance of it at all. They did not get me any medical evaluation, but kept me in jail for 27 hours with no phone call that I can remember. They fractured my left wrist, dislocated my right shoulder injured my knee and left horrible bruises on my right arm. I was not drunk, but later when I got to ER found my BP was 206/84 and I had a UTI besides and when I told my Dr. he said I had had a Delirium episode. I never heard of that before, but it took me 3 days to get my car untowed and home 45 miles away from Ill. to Wisc. and the ER. I have been charged with a felony for kicking the police, which I do not remember, $25,000 lawyer fees, bond, fines, towing charges. No family near by and 81 year old husband with dementia and losing sight so I was on my own. They are intent on crucifying me. My Dr. did not want to get involved and would only write a very generic letter to the court, which the court would not accept. More than 9 months and THEY want to make a deal with me. I was sick and they don't want to let it go. Lastly, how much weirder can it get? My first lawyer called me and said he could not continue to represent me, because he found he had been representing the waiter on other charges he was going to get reduced or set aside by testifying I had more to drink than I said. Now 9 months later, I find the waiter and manager are going to testify against me, Pretty sure the police and restaurant had a scam going to set up people for DUI. 7 Mundelein police and waiter and manager on my witness list. I feel like I am in Nazi Germany or Russia. Have had 3 lawyers who have not been very effective. That is why I came on this site to print out information on Delirium for the court. Sorry this is so long, but believe me there is so much more. By the way 28 years of driving a lot with not 1 citation and they managed to give 6 bogus tickets in 5 minutes. Selina

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Selina, what a horrifying story. Do you know what the cause of the delirium episode? Do they suspect it was the undetected UTI? or something else?

Here is information about delirium from Mayo Clinic
– Delirium Symptoms and Causes https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/delirium/symptoms-causes/syc-20371386

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