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The echocardiogram came back, and among what it says is that "mild ventricular hypertrophy is visualized" the estimated ejection franction is 50-55%. I looked up hypertrophy, not good. I haven't seen a cardiologist yet.

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That should be reassuring. Your ejection fraction is normal. Mild hypertrophy isn't terrible and you had that 5 years ago, so it is stable. The cardiologist can evaluate for you but until then, just wanted to send reassurance. My mother's heart is VERY enlarged for years and years. Tachycardia is no fun, so sympathies for you.

Hi Molly, when I was going thru my issues with the enlarged heart the ejection factor(ef) was the key thing we watched. When I was first diagnosed with VT my ef was 5 % when I left the hospital with a new pacemaker just in case. Within a year my ef got up to the 30's which is the borderline of what they call Congestive heart failure or CF very common diagnosis for a weak heart and for most people who have ongoing issues it stays below 30. After 2 years mine got upto the mid 40s I never reached 55 % which for a 60 plus man is considered normal. So that percentage is a measurement of the amount of blood that is pumped per beat . Now again I'm not a doctor but for your heart to pump normal amount of blood tells me the thinking of the walls can't be very much yet. With medication mostly is what got my EF as high as I could with an enlarged heart. I would still see a Cardiologist about it but with what you mentioned I don't see a serious problem based on my own experience. Realize that during that time I was 20-40 % I was still working full time at a very physical job and enjoyed hiking and camping. Some times 4-5 miles. So I'm not familiar with that term hypertrophy but it sounds like based on the 55 % it can't be too bad . I look forward to hearing about you Cardiologist visit. I hope that helps.

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