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@ Colleen Young, Hi, I think thats a great idea.Thank you! I need to decide by middle of next week. The clock is ticking

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Lilly. Everyone's condition and circumstances are different and your medical care team can best help you with this decision. When faced with tough discussions as this, I asked the oncologist and surgeon what their choice of care would be if this situation was part of their own family. This open dialog seemed to help me understand and decide.
You are so fortunate that your condition was found early and both of your options seem to be good.
As for me, two years ago I had a right upper lobectomy for a stage 1A Adenocarcinoma and Monday this week, had a wedge resection on a 7mm suspicious nodule in the lower left lobe, which also was an Adenocarcinoma. I feel both surgeries were selected for the right reasons.
The first day/night after my surgeries were quite uncomfortable and gradually gets better, But medication and care got me through this. For me, so far, recovery of both surgeries is similar, but would say the lobectomy set me back a bit more. If you have other questions, please let us know. Please share with us as much as you feel comfortable with. I am wishing you the best. …and….Happy Thanksgiving.

@lilly2 in September I had wedge resection surgery in my upper left lobe to remove 2 nodules from upper left lobe – largest 12mm x 13 mm. I still have 3 smaller nodules in 3 other lobes – all of my tumors are GGO.
My boyfriend had lobectomy of right upper lobe due to a 31mm x 34mm tumor. He also has one other small GGO in upper left.

I chose the wedge resection because I have multiple nodules and because with adenocarcinoma they can keep popping up. If/when the other nodules start to change, I obviously can’t have 5 lobectomies so I determined it would be best to preserve as much lung capacity as possible for as long as possible. I mean what if one of these other nodules starts acting more aggressive and increases rapidly to a size they don’t recommend wedge. Then I’d have to take a second lobe too? Sounded to quick and drastic at first. I figured I can always go back and have the lobectomy if I had too.
I am 50 years old and otherwise pretty healthy. I’m no fitness buff, but for health reasons fitness and being physically active is a large part of my life. The surgery went really well, I was in the hospital 1 night. I was back to exercise more than walking in about 4 weeks lower body and full weight lifting and cardio in 5 weeks. I notice my breathing is a little more labored with exercise, but not a lot and it is getting better.

Gordie chose the lobectomy at the surgeons recommendation based on tumor size. Since he did not have prior confirmation with biopsy only PET, they did wedge and check pathology – after confirm cancer, took lobe.
He is not into fitness and a lot of physical activity is not a major concern for him. Understanding that losing one lobe would not be a major change in his lifestyle, he accepted that path easily.

If you have any questions about anything, I’m happy to answer. I wish you peace as you make your decision. It is not an easy one.