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Y-90 liver cancer treatment

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I also was treated with y-90 for liver cancer. I'm also interested in hearing from others about their experience with this treatment.

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Hi @dmoceri31, I'm sure that @yannis and @digibson will share their experiences with Y90 treatment (radioembolization) with you. Please read through the discussion thread if you have already, starting here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/y-90-liver-cancer-treatment/

dmoceri31, would you mind also sharing your experience? When did you have Y-90 treatment? How many? How did it go?

My husband had Y90 left lobe liver in sept and right lobe in Oct
Going for mri dec 02 also on lonsurf chemo pills
We will see and let you know
I am engaging meeting with top liver cancer surgeon and gastro meeting today want to know why weight loss and muscle mass coupled with heartburn acid reflux symptoms and burping so we will see to determine cause. Labs also regularly
Where are u being treated

I couldn’t say enough good about it. Had it done twice and the first shot really slowed the tumors (had 3) down and second shot killed them.. Fo now, I say that because we check every 3 months to make sure nothing more has sprung up and these are still dead, The first treatment was a breeze, back at work in one day the second made me feel like I had a screwdriver in my side for two weeks, Small price to pay if the tumors are gone, Pain would have been easier because they prescribed oxycodone which I was afraid to take most of the tine, Do you have cirrhosis that caused the tumors ti spin off or is something else causing the liver cancer?

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