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crustycat (@crustycat)

Glucose Spikes and Small Fiber Neuropathy Flare-ups

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@crustycat – I can relate to what you are going through. At my peak I weighed 330 lbs before I got concerned about my health. I was able to get down to 250 through Weight Watchers but then decided this has to be a lifestyle change and I have to make up my mind and just do it…easier said than done. I've spent probably 10 to 15 years going back and forth between 250 and 280 but never losing what I needed to lose. A little over a year ago I saw a YouTube video by Dr. Jason Fung that got me started on intermittent fasting which helped me get down to 220 and successfully stay around that weight. Now I'm at about 215 and trying to get to 200 as my final goal but it has been a struggle until I learned about low carb health fat along with intermmittent fasting. Here's the Dr. Jason Fung video that convinced me to give intermittent fasting a try: https://youtu.be/7nJgHBbEgsE

Here's a YouTube video where Dr. Jay Wortman discusses low carb health fat:

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Hi @johnbishop, thanks for taking additional time to share your experience and this video. I will view it today. Congratulations on your weight loss and I wish you great success with moving forward. I wish I had taken this illness seriously 15 years ago. The SFN is life changing (not in a good way) and affects my ability to experience life as I would like. However, I am grateful for the blessings that I do have, and try to maintain my focus on that. thanks again for sharing.