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rehanm (@rehanm)

What causes peri-anal fistula?

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Hi @rehanm, welcome. Allow me to bring @arieon69 and @darlia into this discussion as they may have some tips about preventing anal fistula.
Tips for prevention that I've read include:
– Drinking plenty of fluids
– Consuming a fibre-rich diet
– Maintain dryness in the anal region
– Avoid straining while stool passing
– Regular exercises

Rehanm, have you had surgery to treat an anal fistula? Do you have a digestive condition that makes you prone to fistula?

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Hi Colleen
Yes, I had 5 surgeries related to Anal Fistula abscess drainage w/seton. It all got started with annal fissure that led into Anal Fistula. All of my surgical procedures were done between 2015-2017 in Arkansas except my last procedure was done here at Mayo. I had a mild Crohn’s disease on my lower ilium till my recent colonoscopy two weeks ago shows no active Crohn’s and all of biopsy were negative.
My last anal fistula procedure was done at Mayo in 2017 and I was put on weekly Humira by the Mayo GI doctor since then I had no symptoms of anal fistula till two weeks ago my symptoms came back. I will be heading back to Mayo first week of December to see my GI and Colo Rectal doctors.
I am searching for an answers about the regrowth of Fistula specially no sign of active Crohn’s.

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